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Yaoi and Yuri Heaven~<3
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:heart::iconbouquetplz: :iconthxfav2::iconthxfav3::iconthxfav4::iconbouquetplz::heart:
and the many more you may have given me.
I really appreciate them, thank you very much~


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5,785 / 10,000
Donate if you want to~<3
Much appreciated~ ^^

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Scootie-chan's TIPS & TRICKS

How to Draw...Neko! by Scootie-chan Genius i608XE pen pressure, and Sai, ---- FixedHave a Genius MousePen i608XE and it's not working with Sai on your windows 7 computer or laptop? Here's how to fix it. ^_^
Your pad must be a:
Genius MousePen i608XE
Here's what you download:
The download here's a driver. You don't need a new tablet. You need a new driver. And since the search on the Genius site was a bust, I found it on the site listed instead. It's safe, affective, and you'll be drawing back on Sai before you know it~<3
---Download the driver update
---run it on your windows 7, it'll uninstall the genius,
---restart your computer,
---install the driver again, and this time it'll install into your computer.
---then activate Sai, and start drawing~<33
I hope this helps, even for the small few who see this~ ^^'
I don't think many people use Genius anymore~ xD
Using the tools of Sai with My Techniques by Scootie-chanWhen drawings go bad... by Scootie-chan

Awesome tips from other deviants~<3
dA Guide: Text Formatting
Please PAY ATTENTION to where the codes WILL and WILL NOT work! (Certain codes do not work in comments and deviation descriptions, no matter how hard you try.)  :'D
:new: :new: :new:
Try NOT to copy/paste the codes, manually type them out yourself.  (Copy/paste messes up some of the codes lately thanks to dA).  :C
:new: :new: :new:
This is just a simple html guide to formatting text on dA (and other sites as well).  My goal was just to compile some html info into a simple, easy to understand guide for quick reference.  :)  Please let me know if the codes don't show up because sometimes they disappear when dA updates certain things.
This guide goes a little above and beyond dA's FAQ entry (although I purposely left out anything to do with links, because they don't work on literature submissions).  I also provided working examples, which might make the codes a little easier to understand. (Keep
Custom Box - Troubleshooting + FAQCustom Boxes
Quite a few people still seem to have issues with getting their custom box backgrounds to work correctly so I thought I'd put this little troubleshooting guide and FAQ together to help. If you follow the instructions closely, you shouldn't have any problems.
If you encounter any issues that aren't explained here, please let me know. I will update this guide with any extra info or solutions as they are requested.
You can read more about customising your profile page here.
The Basics
<div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat"><img src=""></div></div><div class="gr-box gr-genericbox">sample text</div>
Copy the code above and paste into a Custom box on your profile page. Replace the green text with your background
[Tutorial] HOW TO BURN PEOPLE'S EYES OUT by resake Dividers 1 PLZ |PlzCatalogThis is official PlzCatalog group's PLZ listing. Visit our page to find more lists.
If you know more or spot any errors please send us a note or comment below.
CustomBox+Journal Tips n Tricks-Updated 25-Sep-14More updates comings soon!!
You may put all your queries here in this blog comments.
Tips & tricks
1. How to align your elements in custombox or journal?
Use the following code:
Content here
You can change the alignment to left, right, center & justify by simply replacing the words as shown below
Content here
2. How do you change the font-size in a custombox?
Use the following code:
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
The result:
Font size = 1
Font size = 2
Font size = 3
Font size = 4
Font size = 5
Font size = 6
Font size = 7
3. How to change your font in a Custombox/Journal?
Use the following tag to change your font in your custombox.
Your text here
Your text here
Your text here
Safe fonts to use
Serif Fonts
Georgia      -----     The quick brown fox


Commission stamp - CLOSED by Lylla4:

:blackrose:… :blackrose:

(Requests will be opened sometime in the future, but for now I must finish what I have on my plate, at least, a bit more. xD)

black divider by ToxiceStea

Kuroshitsuji Stamp by AnDarkPrincesskuroshitsuji stamp by endzi-zKuroshitsuji STAMP by Sakura1885Kuroshitsuji stamp by xselfdestructivestamp: Grell has a nosebleed by Isi-DaddyStamp - Headshot ? by NyfalineStamp - Oneshot by NyfalineStamp - Sebby's spear by NyfalineSebastian from Black Butler stamp by XiahismKuro stamp 1 PUNCHING by WaterJewelEmistamp Ciel's birthday 02 by clio-mokonaPhantonhive Trancy by clio-mokonaAlois Trancy - 07 by KuroKetsueki
Mirrors Edge Stamp by spud100Mirrors Edge Stamp by wilde-mediaFaith Mirror's Edge Stamp by QueenOfSilenceMirrors Edge Stamp by UniversalDiabloMirror's Edge Stamp by 3enzo


Who should I draw next? 

7 deviants said Lee-way -- The Fluffy Angel
3 deviants said Madoka --- The Merman
1 deviant said Raik -- The Doll/Cyborg
1 deviant said Daniel -- The Beast Tamer
1 deviant said Flirt -- The Flower Elf
1 deviant said Skeith -- The Azure Phantom
1 deviant said Winston --- The Elder Zombie Butler
No deviants said Orvalia -- The Vampire
No deviants said Dave -- The Jolly Troll Giant
No deviants said Blossom --- The Sewing Mouse


Been drawing pictures of my own characters, any suggestions on who I should draw next? Vote on the Poll <3

A Friend in Need...

Thu Feb 5, 2015, 1:34 PM
Okay, nomrally I don't do things like this, but I promised to spread word any way I could, and dA being my little circle, I wanted to share it.

My friend, Kenra, needs surgeory done on her wrist, and her working a minimum wage job, and living alone, it's really tough. Especially when her job depends on her wrist. I want to help her any way I can, but even I can do only so much. If there's anyone out there willing to help her, I'd me more than grateful.

Here's a link to her fund-raising site:

Any amount, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated!

****** Also, from now on until the surgeory is finished, for those who commission me, ALL COMMISSION FUNDS will go to Kendra's sergeory. So feel free to commission me anytime. Thank you!! <3


Waist shots (2 characters only)
Something Casual by Scootie-chan
Sakura Kiss by Scootie-chan
Knight of Hearts [request] by Scootie-chan
Waist shots for couples.

Commission includes:

:buttletgreen: light background (nothing too detailed)

:bulletgreen: Characters will be kissing, or not, depending on your request

:bulletred: The drawing will NOT be finished ASAP unless absolutely needed. Give me a heads up if you need it quickly, okay? ^^'
Lucifer...Broken Glass by Scootie-chan
Madoka...Water's Flower by Scootie-chan
Flirt...the flirt by Scootie-chan
Alexander Marcus...Keeper of Secrets and Lies by Scootie-chan
:bulletblack: All headshot commissions are detailed as shown in the example. Soft glow, buffering, and background will be applied.

:bulletblack: Backgrounds will be decided on the person's personality or habitat.
Quick Colored Sketch
I am simply one Hell of a Butler by Scootie-chan
Be safe Raik by Scootie-chan
Incubus (commission) by Scootie-chan
In Seong by Scootie-chan
Han Sun by Scootie-chan
Banished Angel by Scootie-chan
The sketch includes color, background however is an extra 50 :points: depending on the complexity.

The sketch, once started, will be finished within a few hours most. Accepting doesn't qualify as starting.

If you want something ASAP, that's an extra 10 :points:
Kiss Scenes -- yaoi, yuri, or straight couples; all accepted
Forever and Always by Scootie-chan
Commission includes:

1. Background done lightly (nothing too detailed)
Cute chibi
Lee-way_chibi by Scootie-chan
Lucy the Elf adopt [Open] by Scootie-chan
The Cuteness~ by Scootie-chan
If you want simpler/cheaper chibi, note me. Prices listed bellow.

Simple Sketch Chibi: 250 :points:
Detailed Chibi: 350 :points:

(the commission widget chibi)
Detailed Chibi (plus background, soft glow, effects) 500 :points:
Full body
Raven [Open] by Scootie-chan
Lilita adopt [OPEN] by Scootie-chan
[Commission] Hurt by Scootie-chan
Amethyst (March Hare design) by Scootie-chan
If you have a pose in mind for the commission, let me know. Bases are acceptable pose reference too.

~Angel Flower: Forever and Always --- A series of random stories

You are my Life by Scootie-chan

Angel Flower

:rose:The stories:rose:…

:rose: Lee-way and Raik ..................…

:rose: Orvalia and Daniel ..........................…

:rose: The Heartwind Staff ...................................…

:blackrose: The Villians ......................................…

:rose:The official Heartwind Paint tool Sai Tutorial:blackrose:

:iconbouquetplz:Using the tools of Sai with My Techniques by Scootie-chan:iconredroseplz:


Thank you, Everyone

With as busy as things have gotten, I haven't been able to thank everyone properly for everything. All the favorites, the watches, and more, thank you, everyone. especially for your words of encouragement. You help me realize my skills, and make me want to get better with my art in more ways than you could imagine.

Thank you.


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