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June 16, 2013
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Alexander Marcus...Keeper of Secrets and Lies by Scootie-chan Alexander Marcus...Keeper of Secrets and Lies by Scootie-chan

This sketch is based off of and created form the original WIP version I made so long ago~

:bulletblack: Name :bulletblack:
Alexander Marcus

:bulletblack: Race :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Occupation :bulletblack:
Information Hound

:bulletblack: Heartwind Staff position :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Blood relatives :bulletblack:
No one knows anything about him, or his past. He's very good at getting rid of traces like that.

:bulletblack: Love interest/crush :bulletblack:
"...Why the fuck would I have a crush?!"

:bulletblack: Motto :bulletblack:
"The only good Angels could ever do was pleasuring their masters in bed, useless creatures."

:bulletblack: Small bio :bulletblack:
Because Marcus is an expert at gathering, deleting, and storing information in his personal archives, very little is known about him other than his obsession with Angels. His location, though known to most nobles and even the emperor, Marcus is left alone. He holds the personal information, and secrets of all those higher up, making him a very dangerous enemy. He hardly is seen leaving his manor, making people curious about how he earned his fortune. Well, holding the information of peoples lives is worth quite a sum, especially those who wish to silence him about their dirty little secrets. Of course, it's no secret for others to know that he has a fetish for collecting and 'taming' rare beings, currently his eyes are set on Lee-way, the rare Angel, who he blackmailed his lover to get a hold of and use as a personal toy. Being human, Marcus is not immortal. But with Lee-way, that all changes. He is determined to retrieve the Angel he lost to a demon slave, and will do anything in his power to get him back.

:bulletblack: Other bits :bulletblack:
--- Marcus knows the Doll Masters Yin and Yang, which is rare as no human has ever met them before unless they become their Death Angels.
---- Marcus is a pedophile, and isn't ashamed to hide it either, as he's repeatedly touched Lee-way before the eyes of guests in Leana's castle.
---- Although human, Marcus has less feelings for another than even the most wicked demon. He's very cold, easily angered, and impatient with others, especially those who do not follow orders. He has a strong sadistic side, becomes very violent easily we well, and takes pleasure in humiliating others, especially Lee-way.
----- While he is a great danger and imbalance to the lands, neither master Yin or Yang have marked him for death.
---- Many often doubt that Marcus truly is human, but he is mortal, and ages like a human.


While I hate his guts, I took care to adding details to him. ^^'

Marcus has a very detailed story and history tied to many people, however, unlike the other characters, he's actually pretty new. lol
I wanted to create someone I'd dislike, and believe me, with my style of bishi drawing, it's pretty damn hard. xD
Marcus isn't the lovable kind of bad guy, which is what I aimed for. He's a person who lives off of the blackmailing of others, is a child-molesting rapist and abuser to everyone. His main target is Lee-way, due to his powers. Marcus isn't written in any short stories except for his mentioning in 'One Day', and the sequel 'Thinking of You'. Which are the first and second stories in this series. ^_^
Originally his story was where he was a character instantly killed, but something about him made me want to make him the main bad guy in Lee-way's story. His manipulative personality made him a better bad guy than the previous one I had, and him being even a threat to the highest of the assassins' is pretty entertaining too~ **

...I still hate him, the bastard. - -'

Wanna see an older picture? Here ya go~

I'm open for commissions~<3
Here's my journal,…

:rose:Here are the details of things I draw:rose:

:bulletblack: OC characters
:bulletblack: fan art
:bulletblack: headshots
:bulletblack: waist shots
:bulletblack: full body
:bulletblack: and even full body couples~

Feel free to ask anytime, my commissions will be open for a long while~<3
Thank you very much~:icononionbowplz:


Like my art? I'll gladly commission you~

Yaoi, couples, and singles Commissions OPEN!Point Commissions~!
Detailed Headshot:  
$6 or 600 Points

Madoka...Water's Flower by =Scootie-chanChase [art trade] by =Scootie-chanBirthday Cake [gift] by =Scootie-chan

$6 or 600 Points
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Yumi-chan [Commission] by =Scootie-chanLee-way_chibi by =Scootie-chan[ADOPTABLE] Lucy by =Scootie-chan
Waist shots: 

Note, or comment if you're interested :heart:

:rose:Thank you~<3:rose:

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